Apothekes of Berlin

Within each Berlin locality – those larger regions that give the city its basic administrative structure – one finds a series of less formally-defined Kieze. These neighbourhoods, which often take their name from a particular street or square, may not have clear outer boundaries or even a commonly agreed-upon centre, yet in the minds of their residents, there is no part of the city more real. Continue reading

Berlin’s Neighbourhood Cinemas

In a world overrun with antiseptic 18-plexes appended to insipid shopping centres, Berlin’s Kiez-Kinos are a source of no small delight for cinephiles. They invariably crop up in unexpected locations, and many look to be about the size of your front room, but most exude the unmistakable cool of an exotically misremembered recent past … and, more importantly, all of them show films. Continue reading