Ice Cream in Berlin

It is the first week of February, the heart of winter in Berlin. The constant grey of January has cleared, but the temperatures have dipped below freezing; plumes of bright smoke rise from the buildings and coats have grown noticeably bulkier. It will be at least another month before the first promises of spring appear in the margins of the city. What better time to indulge in some harmless reminiscence about the carefree days of summer. Continue reading


Bookshops in Berlin

The last two decades have been a strange time for book lovers. Back in the day, buying books was fairly straightforward: you went to a bookshop. If they didn’t have the book, they could usually order it from their distributor and have it with you in a few days; Continue reading

In Memoriam Musik Bading

At some point during the night on New Year’s Eve, a group of vandals forced their way into Musik Bading and set off some fireworks which turned quickly into a real fire. The apartments above the shop were evacuated and the fire department contained the blaze before it could spread to the rest of the building. But the shop itself was gutted and its stock destroyed. After ninety-nine years in business, a few moments of malicious pyromania brought a sudden and decisive end to a much loved neighbourhood institution. Continue reading

Grocers of Berlin

It is a fact of modern life that we do most of our grocery shopping in the supermarket. The idea of going to numerous smaller shops specialising in particular items is certainly not without its attraction … but who has the time? Yet being able to pick up all our fruits, vegetables, dry goods, tinned good, meat, fish and dairy products under one roof isn’t merely a convenience; Continue reading

A Visit to Hamburg

If the whole of the Berlin Typography project can be reduced to a single idea, it would be the notion that physical urban space is defined by typography. Not exclusively, of course: cities are also defined by climate, geography, history, architecture, and countless other factors. But typography – at least as far as we’re concerned – is an equal, if perhaps less obvious partner. Continue reading