Umlauts of Berlin, Part 3: Ö

It was madness to think that a single blog post could convey the fantastic diversity of Umlauts in Berlin … so we’ve decided to celebrate the Umlaut over the course of three different posts, each devoted to a different umlauted letter. The first post was devoted to the Ü, and the second explored the diverse applications of the Ä. In the final instalment we look at the glory of the Ö. Continue reading


Vernacular Typography 1: The Tailors

There are certain types of establishment in Berlin that attract great typography: flower shops, for example, often feature elegant cursive signs, and Apothekes draw upon a variety of approaches to announce their presence to the street. There are also shops and services where the typography tends to be conservative and nondescript, and even, inevitably, some shops where the typographic sensibility is mostly terrible. Then there are the tailors. Continue reading

Stations of the Ring

In the course of the past decade, Berlin has become internationally notorious for its perplexing and seemingly comprehensive inability to build an airport. Well, perhaps that’s not fair: we did manage to build it – it’s been standing there on the edge of town, complete, since the summer of 2012 – but we still have yet to see it opened. Continue reading